The Writing Evolution

ascAdminasc Glorious Syria February 28, 2019

the oldest Palaeolithic cave paintings representing hunting scenes go back to the Ice age.
Later the writing was invented in Mesopotamia, The Sumerians developed a logographic writing system, later the Canaanite invented the phonographic system
There are two distinct periods of the evolution of the writing

1-Logogram: 3200 BC sign equals image or idea

-Proto-writing: Pictographic record keeping 
-Early writing: Pictographic -ideographic writing 
-Abstract: 2900 BC Cuneiform writing

2-phonogram: 1400 BC sign equals sound

-Modern writing: the phonetic system was invented by the Canaanite(Phoenician) in Ugarit.
The Canaanite phonetic Alphabet was spread through the maritime trade routes and the Greek adopted it later.

there are around 7000 languages in the modern world, only 15 % have a writing system which means there are about 6000 languages expressed only verbally.

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