ASC’s Objectives is around 3E’s:  Empowering – education – employment

ASC’s activities will help Syrian to build their capacities and community development

ASC members and supporters in the community
Build the bridge between Syrian and Australian
Invite the successful people from both societies to share their stories and experiences
Organise parties and share meals minimum every 3 month
Woking Trips “wok for Peace” Syrian, Australian Making new friends and have incredible memories.

Building Capacities – Music lessons
Music has a big role in healing the memory. The target behind playing and learning music is to meet Australian, give them the chance to play worldwide/traditional music’ share musical culture, and give them the chance to play oriental music.

Link members to the association in order to find a job
Run the courses with professional and authorised organisations
Show Syrian successful people as role models

ASC Scout
Children – youth – adult
Parent activity: weekly program to cover the information about duty and responsibility according to Australian law, and build a bridge between Syrian and Australian.
Goal: teach them Australian self-independent and build their personality