The purposes of the association are

  • To provide benevolent relief and support to refugee and asylum seekers in Australia, particularly refugees and asylum seekers from Syria, who are in need of financial assistance, housing, relief of physical and mental illness, community support and other basic needs.
  • To relieve newly-settled migrants, refugees and asylum seekers in financial need by providing them with employment support, opportunities and pathways through connections with employers and educational institutions.
  • To provide emotional support and counselling which enables and empowers refugees to successfully settle in Australia, restore their dignity and hope, integrate into the Australian community and help them to become self-sufficient.
  • To facilitate the planning and co-ordination of services, including mental health services, for refugee communities in Australia in consultation with other agencies.
    To assist refugees and asylum seekers fleeing persecution, in particular those affected by the Syrian conflict, to facilitate their entry into Australia.
  • To develop community activities for refugee youth and children so as to build their social support networks, reduce isolation, promote and encourage relationships and integration between refugee and non-refugee communities and provide respite for parents of refugee youth and children.
  • To contribute to the development of public and government policy which affects the interests of Syrian refugees and other people of concern in Australia and overseas.
  • To promote an increased awareness of the needs of migrants, refugees and asylum seekers within the general community.
  • To do all such things and engage in all such activities as will promote these purposes.