ASC has two integrated priority and action planning processes that include: five-year strategic directions developed through consultation and workshops with internal and external stakeholders. The directions and progress is reviewed midterm. Annual priority planning that is done as an organisation but details team level actions. Priorities planning is reviewed, evaluated and updated as part of the regular team processes.

What we are here for – VISION

The ASC provides emotional, educational and practical support to enable Syrian refugees to fully participate in the community and secure meaningful employment. The ASC identifies and monitors the type of humanitarian support and practical assistance that is needed by Syrian refugees wherever they are.

ASC is a place in which people and organization are able to work together to make a positive difference in their community, with guarantee that everyone has equal access to the community’s resources and services.


Our mission is to offer practical support and a ‘helping hand’ to refugees from Syria who have fled their home countries to escape persecution and the horrors of war. Many have experienced physical injuries, trauma, loss of family members, loss of belongings, and will take time and effort to heal and rebuild their lives.

ASC offers services and programs that are specified for the needs of unemployed and inactive members in the community, and to encourage community participation.

OUR CORE VALUES- Let’s Make A Difference

Self-determination – We support individuals and communities to take the best choices and decisions for their own needs.

Non –governmental – We provide impartial and supportive services to people who need ASC services.

Not profit – We provide high quality and free delivery services to Syrian community members of ASC.

Confidentiality – We approach the relations of our community and provide services in a manner that protects clients and community resident’s privacy and confidentiality.

Diversity – We value the diversity of the community and commit to strengthening inclusiveness in all aspects of our work, and help our Syrian community to integrate with the wider Australian multicultural society.

Independence – We value and guard our independence including the right to comment and advocate on local, state and federal government policy and to decide and manage our own affairs according to the laws of the country.

Our Approach

At ASC we are focused on supporting and building communities to become stronger and more resilient.

Like as the most vulnerable, unemployed and inactive people, they will receive help, information and support, where everyone is encouraged and empowered to participate to improve their own lives and the lives of others.

We strive to be flexible and to deliver high-quality services that are integrated, holistic and person-centered. This approach enables ASC to provide effective solutions to community issues and support individuals based on their needs.

We collaborate for better outcomes

We identify, build and nurture partnerships that help to realise our shared vision for the people of ASC. We acknowledge and value the individuals, families, communities, and organisations we work with and are committed working to create a culture of inclusion is built on trust and respect.

We live our values

We have a strong commitment to be fulfilling in our promises and ensure open respectful relations. We strive to ensure that our values are integrated into our work, services, and programs to reflect on community needs.

We are committed, responsive, brave and prepared to take risks to respond to the needs and challenges of our community.

We continue to reflect, learn and respond

Working with community members every day reflects on our practice and building on our knowledge by undertaking researches and gathering local evidence.

This evidence inform our priorities, our programs and the focus of our advocacy.

We believe in volunteering and community engagement

We believe that people have a right to be involved in the decisions that impact on their lives.

We believe in community participation in all aspects of our organisation makes it stronger and more relevant. We are proactive in advocating the benefits of volunteerism and community engagement to other organisations and the community.

We are community centred and community led

We are accountable to our community for delivering appropriate and effective services and for advocating strongly for its needs.

ASC residents are critical in our planning, decision-making, program delivery, partnerships and reviews.

Our Challenge

ASC Community has been working for and with the community since 2010.

“Official registration in 15 November 2015.”

ASC has changed immeasurably – it’s more diverse than ever before in terms of age groups and has higher populations of young families, young people, and older people.

ASC’s increases are dramatic across all ages and throughout the whole state of Victoria now an Australia wade liter on. Some suburbs are amongst the fastest growing in Australia, and our established areas are some of Victoria’s most disadvantaged communities struggling to overcome decades of disadvantage.

In this plan, we set out how we will work to harness the potential of our community to meet these challenges.

This strategy sets out how ASC Community plans to connect people together to build a better future for everyone.

Strategic directions

We work in a complex and changing environment both within the community we serve and the broader political, economic and policy landscape. We respond to these changes by assessing the impacts on our plans and adjusting them where it is necessary.

Working with the community and others we target our skills and resources where we can be most effective.

ASC Community recognises that:

Being responsive to our community is fundamental
Valuing everyone’s contribution to success is important
Building our capacity and profile increases our ability to grow with our community
Key drivers – as a community we are growing and urbanising, we have changed demographic profiles, areas of persistent disadvantage and grown poverty for some, our needs are increasing in diversity and complexity.

Key challenges- as a community we have limited local social infrastructure service, we will try changing government policy and priorities and do not have adequate or secure funding for our growing needs.

Our three strategic directions:

Support a growing and changing population to access appropriate and integrated services and resources.
Enable positive social and generational change to improve people’s lives.
Strengthen our organisational capacity to serve our community in a better way.