You Can Make a Difference

Hand-in-hand, we can reach a better world and relieve the pain of families who lost everything, whether a lady in grief, or a crippled child. There are lots of homeless people waiting for the warm touch of others, searching for passion in your eyes and hearts. These are people who have lost their homes, work, dreams and sometimes family members who may have been taken before their eyes.

Our Lord Jesus Christ gave humanity the blessing of love and giving which is a gift to deposit into the heart and soul of His children for a better future for all.
During the Syrian war we have witnessed an enormous outpouring of grief from affected families and also seen how the warmth and presence of many Australian families by their side has made a very real difference to them.

Being a member of ASC will make a significant difference. Your financial support will relieve the sorrow of others and will honor their loss. We would like to express our gratitude to Australia, its leaders, organizations, businessmen, professionals and members who will pledge to lend a hand to Syrian families seeking decent life.

We only care to relieve the pain and sadness of Syrian refugees and believe the generosity of Australians shall indeed relieve the ache of others in so much need. We believe in miracles and we believe that together, with your contribution, no Matter whether it’s big or small the most important how you will feel a part of this enormous work to relieve the suffering from others. Together we can make a difference.
So let us work together to stop the hurt for as many as we can and to give them hope. May God bless you.

May the Almighty God bless Australia, our leaders, and our people

Rev Samir Haddad

ASC President